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About Us

Welcome to Mandarin Strokes!

The easiest way to learn to write Chinese. For everyone.

Modern Chinese has become one of the most important languages to access the globalized world and here you are taking an essential step to communicate it.

We try our best to provide enriching and helpful content for as low cost as possible to make it affordable for everybody.
This is why we kindly ask every user to support the development of this website with only 1 US$ for a whole year full access.

Hopefully this is affordable for everybody. Your contributions will allow us in return to develop new interactive exercises and more and better learning and teaching material.

The major focus of this website is the attempt to close the lack of access to Chinese writing material for simplified characters in many countries around the world.

Its issue in 4 frequently spoken languages - English, Spanish, French, German - shall facilitate the access for learners and teachers around the world.

It has been composed by an international team of experienced Chinese teachers and learners of Chinese around the globe: from Beijing to Paris, from Shenzhen to Denver, from Cairo to Bonn, Vancouver and Mexico City.

Zhu Muyue (University of Sydney, Australia) and Chen Fanyi (University of Freiburg, Germany) have enriched with their detailed illustrations of character radicals the access to the character's meanings. The calligraphies of Zhu Tao, member of the Calligraphic Society Wuhan, provides a fascinating overview of the historical evolution of the characters.

  • Our free online stroke order dictionary of over 6000 characters gives everyone the facility to learn everywhere: in school, university, the office or a relaxing coffee shop.
    • Different from other dictionaries it focuses on the core meanings of a character in Modern Chinese to avoid confusion with no longer used old terms.

    • Learner friendly visual features like a search result bar with pinyin and stroke order animations increase your learning success and speed.

  • Our interactive drag&drop-exercises allow you to practice writing Chinese in the correct stroke order even online.

  • Our practice sheet manager allows learners to create personalized practice sheet and teachers to create editable exam papers.

  • Our book versions for beginners and advanced learners
    • give access to this webpage content for those who don’t have access to an internet connection

    • offer written exercises in a print version for those who prefer written exercises to purely online exercises

  • Our mnemonics help you not only to write Chinese but to remember the characters’ meanings much more easily.

Enjoy the elegance of Chinese Characters that you will soon be able to write yourself!